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How we meet and exceed industry safety standards

Sterilizing Medical Media Equipments

Proper sterilization of medical equipment is an important step in ensuring that patients and doctors alike are protected from various diseases and infections. Dirty equipment transmits dangerous germs and infectious bacteria that can cause serious health problems for those exposed to them. While the sterilization process may seem extremely difficult, it is our core policy and concern.

Proper Sterlization Technique by MD Medical Media

Infectious microbes cover nearly everything you come into contact with on a daily basis. The surface of your skin and mucous membranes protect you from internal exposure to the disease-causing varieties, which may cause staph infections and other life-threatening conditions. One of the most powerful methods of sterilizing any medical instrument that may penetrate the skin is through the use of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light used for sterilizing medical equipment is composed of light frequencies in the C band of the ultraviolet spectrum. At MD Medical Media take this step with a conscience care. Our equipments are exposed to the UV light for more than 15 minutes to ensure a thorough sterilization.

The Sterilization Procedure at MD Medical Media

We place clean, sanitized medical sheet over a tray sized to contain all our instruments, permitting at least 1/2 inch of space between all instruments. Then we place each instrument onto the tray lined with the sheet and set the UV-C lamp, with enclosure, over the tray with the light on for at least 15 minutes.

Our Complete Care Approach

Our sterilization technician puts on a pair of sterile latex medical gloves; through the enclosure and rotates each medical instrument to expose the other sides to the UV-C light. Allowing another 15 minutes of exposure to the light. Then UV-C lamp is turned off to remove the instrument tray from the enclosure. Before removing from the enclosure, clean laundered medical sheet is unfold and laid over top the instruments so that the two combined sheets prevent air circulation around the instruments, avoiding re-contamination. This way we ensure safety of all involved in the producation of medical media.